Who are we?

Hello I am Flopsy I am the most importantest in the houuu

Sorry about that – I just got up to make a cup of tea and Flopsy started typing.  Anyway, this page is not just about Flopsy but is here to introduce all the animals who live at 2 Riverside Cottages.

A few of the animals are:

Charlie Farnsbarns, an animal who looks like a cross between a bear and a monkey

Sid, a dog, Charlie’s great friend and one of the tallest animals in the house

Isaiah, a brown bear with a growly voice who is afraid of most things

Poofdah, a tiny and very round dog

Cilla, a little grey mouse with a squeaky voice

and, of course, Flopsy, a big grey rabbit who seems to think she is the most important in the house.

There are others, who you can meet in the book The Private Lives of Teddies.

To find out what the animals have been up to lately, you can read their blog.



2 Responses to Who are we?

  1. Hello Charlie, this is your friend Nick. Sorry for putting you in the washing machine all those years ago, I know you’ve been dizzy ever since.

    Anyway, how do you self-publish? Perhaps you can tell me a little more about the journey…


    • Yes I remember you Nick, with affection and as you say dizziness. I have not been on the spin cycle since.
      Self-publishing is ever so easy. You basically just write the book and then go to lulu.com. There is a bit more to it than that but perhaps I can tell you about it some other time, as long as you don’t start trying to do funny things to me again.


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