Flying saucers

SidHello there young people!

I have had a thought this week that will probably interest you.  It’s a bit like when my cousin Norma’s neighbour Alfie’s best friend Bonzo went to climb a mountain, but found he couldn’t do it because of the fish, and it was the wrong week anyway.  I think that’s right?  Actually maybe I’ve got something wrong there.  But I’m sure you know that story anyway.

I was looking out of the window the other night thinking about bones, as you do, and I saw a flying saucer.  Well, I didn’t actually see one, if you know what I mean, but let’s pretend I did.  And then I thought – if you get flying saucers, why not flying cups?  Why would anyone want a saucer without a cup?  Sometimes people might drink out of a cup without using a saucer, people like Flopsy I mean (don’t tell her I said that) but why would anyone —

Oh, now I say that, I’ve just got it.  Perhaps flying saucers are the saucers which have flown away because they are upset that Flopsy isn’t using them and they are looking for someone to love them.  That must be it.  So perhaps next time I see a flying saucer I’ll show it my cup and saucer, and then it will know that I’m a dog who loves saucers.  And then it might give me a ride, and I can go on holiday somewhere, like to space.  I think they have great big bones in space.  Galactic bones, they’re called.

That’s right, isn’t it?


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