Making a better world

Poofdah profile picHello readers!

I have had a brilliant idea and I would like to run it by you to see what you think.  If you are interested in the news, you may have heard that some humans say The World Is A Scary Place.  Now I think you must agree with that – there are things all over the place that can hurt you, like holly leaves and the legs of tables when you accidentally run into them because your mind was on something more heroic.  So I have been wondering how we can make the world less scary.

I have asked Jonathan what the opposite of scary is and he has said it is calming or soothing.  And then I asked him what soothing meant, and he said basically it’s when we give each other a pat on the head.  [That isn’t exactly what I said, by the way. -J.P.L.]  And a pat on the head can calm you down.

So here is my brilliant idea.  When someone is scared, just call me and I will zoom over to where you are and pat them on the head. Then the world will become a less scary place.  Please don’t do the patting yourself, you are probably not an expert in these things and if you get it wrong it might just make it worse.  Call me and I will be there! if Paula’s mum or dad have accidentally left the front door open and happen to be about to drive to where you are.  Then I will be there, definitely.

Hooray for a better world!



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