Pa snips

FlopsyHello my dalings!  That is wat Rosamund seys is’nt it.  Hello my darlings!  You are all very daling to me.

At the moment I am mostly thinking about Pa snips.  They are going to be redy to pick quite soon.  Have you ever eten Pa snips?  They look like carots but are achtualy tastyer, wihch is amaysing when you think about it.  Sientific studys show that Pa snips are THE BEST, and thats the truth whatever Isaiah says.

Now ther are 3 things you do with Pa snips:

Number one1 you gobl it rihgt down before enebode can see.  That way it is all for you.  This is my favroute way.

Number twho2 you sher it with somebode.  Rosamund seys this is what she likes to do but I think pahaps you only do that if you are realy poosh and I am not posh enoufh for that yet.

Number three3 you send it to your best freind as a tokan of afecshan.  In your case, that will be me.  Pleas send me your Pa snips as soon as they are ready, unless you have chosen number 1 insted, which I woud’nt blame you for4 at all.

Lov from



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