Why I love September

IsaiahJonathan was saying just earlier how much he likes the autumn, and I was saying I love September because it’s nice and hot, and bears like it when it’s hot.  Black bears like to play a nice game of chase in the sun, and polar bears like to put on sunglasses and sit on a deckchair, and brown bears like me like to have a biscuit when the sun is out.  And it’s been so hot that I’ve been eating a lot of biscuits because it’s September.  Do you see?  Yesterday I had TWO.

There are lots of bees around the flowers outside, which is nice but they never tell me where they are making their honey.  Paula has a nice book about a bear who gets lots of honey by holding a balloon, and then he finds the north pole, or floats under a bridge, or something.  I like honey, but I’m not bothered about poles or floating.  Can any of you tell me how to talk to bees so that they will give me some of their honey please?

Thank you

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